“My want to sustain our current ecosystems are four-fold:
1) I’m scared that
their destruction will lead to many of the people I care about
dying earlier than they could have. They will miss out
on experiences they desire, the world will miss out
on what they have to contribute, and I will miss out from their love an companionship.
2) It forms a key part of the solution to what I think is the greatest challenge any species has tried to solve; deviating from our
expected growth curve.
3) People who our civilisations
have given government – either those in Government, or those
with enough wealth to govern – clearly know the damning effects
our lifestyles are having, but feel it acceptable to lie to us.
4)I’m fascinated by life, and its preservation allows me to study it,
and enjoy it; by which I mean satisfy my own selfish mental well-being, as we pretty much all enjoy being immersed in nature.”
Izaak Coleman – 13th January 2019
― Izaak Coleman – 13th January 2019